Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Today I was going to write another 5 things that inspired me this week post but instead I re-read a piece that I had written in my journal the other day and felt I wanted to share it.
One thing that I have been really struggling with recently is  Fear , not in a things that go bump in the night kind of way but the type of fear that builds up from self-doubt and niggles away and can potentially stop you doing the things you really love in the world.
The last 6 months have been pretty fab and I have taken a real leap forward in my path towards a creative life and building a future where my sole income is gained by creative means and becoming a professional milliner. However I keep doubting myself and my abilities, and on days where things aren't going quite as well as I would like I find myself thinking that I am wasting my time, that I have spent way too long in my office day job, that the only way that I could ever  be successful is if I quit my day job right now and dedicate  all my time millinery even though financially this really isn't an option.  I know everyone has times of self-doubt but sometimes I can't help feeling like I have already somehow failed and that I can't finish any project I start. Never mind the fact that I have had plenty of successful projects, worked on  some really great theatre productions lately and  have even got some more exciting opportunities lined up. 
The trouble is these feelings alternately can hold us back,  stop us pursing  the opportunities that come are way because we don't feel that we could possibly be good enough and mean that we do ourselves and our talents a disserve is. To combat this I have dei8ded to focus on something my Grampa, Papa, told me in an email he sent me recently, that what is shown through my work and my blog is my passion about millinery.  When I read that in his email I was really touched  but then it made me realise that my passion  for what I do is something that my negative thinking cannot argue about. I am persistently passionate about Millinery and building a creative life. Otherwise I would have not pursued it for as long as I have, or spent my time travelling to  London from Cardiff so many times to attend all the great courses that have built my skills.
When I thought about it further is that I realised that all the people who I admire achieved their ambitions, goals and did great things because they were passionate about what they did. It wasn’t just because they were naturally gifted or lucky or savvy.
 So this is what I own to myself and what I need to do every day is spend time feeding and expressing my passion. This is how I will champion over my negative thoughts and succeed in my goals. I am passionate about creating beautiful millinery that makes people smile, about building a creative life for myself and inspiring others to do the same.
Hope your all having a great week. xxx


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