Friday, 12 September 2014

Inspriational Millinery from the metrapolitan Museum of Art

Happy Friday everyone, today's post is my next instalment of inspiring millinery, and today I haven't focused on a particular designer or era or  style but on a particular source of inspiration: The online catalogue from the Metropolitan museum of art.

Now I had never really considered a museum website to be a realm of millinery wonder, and I really don't know why because when I searched the Met website for the word hat,  over 3800 results came up.

The first piece I want to share is this lovely Egyptian cap. The information on the met website states this dates from between 3rd- 5th century I can't quite get my head around how old this is and yet the patters  and simplicity make it feel that it could still be worn today.
We now jump a few years to the rest that I picked out  from the met website archive all date from between the 40s and 50s  this was not a conscious decision but was just a coincident of the pieces that drew my attention this week. I have to admit at this point , I only browsed through the first few pages  but I know that  I can go back again and again to find new treasures. This red piece above was  created by Madame Suzy, I love its simplicity  and structural nature  and the combination of the snake skin centre and red felt around it.

This lovey piece is from Schiaparelli's 1940 summer collection. Having featured some hats from the relaunched  labels current summer collection last year it was lovely to  see a piece created by the Elsa Schiapparelli that would not have been out of place being worn today. I love it's Jaunty nautical feel and percher shape.

The final piece is this wonderous felt hat, this was the image that first drew my attention to the Met collection ( I found it on pinterest of course!) I just love the appliqué formed and it's sweeping shape, I have never thought to use millinery felt in this way building blocks of colour together to create motifs but it's definitely something I would like to try in the future.
Well I hope you enjoyed this glimps into some more inspiring millinery. Have a great weekend xxx

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