Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekly Inspiration round up- week 1

Hello Lovelies, hope everyone’s week is going well.
I thought I would a start little weekly feature sharing some of the things that have inspired my week.
This post was meant to go out before the weekend but I had a minor technical hiccup that delayed things a bit

So here is my round up of my 5 inspiring things for last week.
No.1 Sunflowers- my neighbours sunflowers are in full bloom at the mo and they never fail to brighten my day every time I walk past them, they are just so bright and Jolly

Image source, & sketch my own

 No.2 This lovely headpiece by Stephen Jones- I came across this whilst I was researching my last post, I love it’s light wispy structure and the way it seams to float around the head, (although I wish the model wasn’t smoking in the image- don’t think it adds anything to it really)


image courtesy of Stephen Jones at

 No.3 My photos of Cardiff bay- I’m still really inspired by the  bike ride I posted about the other week and am really inspired by some of the images I took, now I just have to work out  how to use them in my millinery.


No.4 Geometric patterns- yep I know I’m a bit behind here but  I love geometric prints at the moment and they have even inspired me to create this triangular lino print!

No.5 The Molly makes blogging Special edition- I bought this a couple of weeks ago and have literally read it cover to cover and then some! It has given me loads of great ideas for this wee blog and even inspired me to do this post!

And here is a tiny general round up

The last week has mainly involved:

Sipping cups of - good old English breakfast tea

Working to the sounds of  – Laura Mvala: Sing to the moon

Snacking on – Sweet potato Falafels







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