Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The cobwebs are blown off !!

Well I am   pleased to report that my first project the bolero I  mentioned  on my last post  has been completed.

I made it from the fabric of an old skirt I had as I love the colour and the lace. I have to admit it wasn’t as   easy as I thought it would be .

I had never sewn in a lining before ( shameful I know but it was a job I have always managed to avoid ) so  it did take a couple of attempts insert  and at one point I thought I had just twisted it into knots.  

 I now feel confident that I could  attempt a fully lined  jacket  so look out as this could be a new  project post  very soon.  

I have now moved on to my next project a  patchwork baby quilt. There are a couple of reasons for me tackling this. Firstly  having made the bolero I realised my sewing accuracy could do with sharpening up and what better to do it with than a project that has  literally hundreds of seams to sew. Secondly I thought that it would make a rather lovely gift  and as I have a lot of pretty  fabric pieces left over from college and other projects  it would be nice to see them in good use.

  I’ve just got started on this project by making the patterns for the squares and, selecting the fabrics  and hopefully will start  sewing it over the next few days

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