Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dusting off the sewing machine

My lovely vintage sewing machine has been gathering dust for far too long, In fact over the last  few months it’s primary role has been as a scarf rack!

sewing machine scarf rack
set up and raring to go

So after much trepidation it is time to blow off the cobwebs and get it stitching again.

I’ve got so many project ideas swimming around my head at the moment it can be a bit a bit daunting knowing where to start. Over the next few weeks I intend to post up all of my creative endeavours including the current collection of clothes that I am currently pattern cutting.

However to start me off and get me on my way I have decided to try this simple shrug featured in last month’s Making magazine

It seems fairly straight forward to construct (famous last words) and therefore hopefully should be a nice piece to get my teeth into.

   I will post up my pictures of me working on it and  the finished outcome when its done, let me know what you think  Wish me luck xxx

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