Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Glimpse into the past

I was browsing the magazine shelves of W.H. Smiths a few weeks ago when I found this little gem calling to me.

 I should admit at this point  if  there is a magazine or a book with a hat on the front I will pick it up and delve inside just as I have a tendency when I see a  hat in a film I have to pause and inspect it and then slow down the credits at the end to see if they credit the milliner. 

Well on this occasion I  was rewarded by this idiosyncrasy, as inside was a delightful collection of cuttings from 1930's fashion pages.   

Titles like  "Hands up for Winter" showcasing the latest fashions in gloves, and "Hats that change your character" as well as  handy tips for beauty and the home give a wonderful insight into a bygone age. 

However, what made me actually made me take it home with me ( after paying  obviously ) was the beautiful photographs  showcases the style of the age. 

I have a real passion for  costume and historic dress and the 1920's and 30's hold some of my favourite styles, knowing that I would  come back  time and again to these images to draw inspiration told me that the £5.99 spent on this book would make it a sound investment for my future projects. 

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