Thursday, 21 August 2014

Getting lost and finding inspiration

Hello folks! Whoa it has been such a long time since I wrote my post here, certainly longer than I had intended. Over the summer I have been working on a fab outdoor theatre festival in Cardiff and honestly there were days when I struggled to find time for meals let alone any of my other projects and regrettably that meant my little blog has been somewhat neglected.
After the festival finished, I had all these high hopes that I would leap out of bed the next day raring to start writing all these fab blog posts I had been dreaming up whilst working however for two weeks I sat at my laptop with a complete block, suddenly all my ideas seemed silly and I really felt stifled after such a long time away from writing.
So after another frustrating day of trying to plan a couple of posts, deciding they were not good enough, scrapping in them in favour of finding the best content I could, not coming up with anything then spending hours googling  things like - creative blog post ideas, unique blog post prompts, or blog ideas to your inbox ( yupp I'm not joking).
Nothing grabbed me and I ended up feeling  more deflated and even more stuck than I was before. Suddenly all my plans I made in my busy time seemed to have failed,  Not loving my uninspired mood I decided it would be a good idea to go out and some fresh air to clear my head.
Now my wonderful and patient man is very astute when it comes to these kind of conundrums and when I told him my troubles he suggested that I should take a new route on my bike ride and that this may help with my creative block. Huffing and puffing in my mind thinking that all I really wanted was to go in to my nice safe familiar ride I decided not to be so obstinate I would give his suggestion a try.
SO I Cycled in the complete opposite direction, to my normal route ...
and came to a part of Cardiff I barely new existed.
There was sun, boats, swans and a landscape that I rarley see , even though I had only cycled for no more than 25 minutes,

 Suddenly my creative woes faded away, I started looking around and  this feeling started growing in side me - I felt inspired, that feeling I had been searching for  the last two weeks suddenly came back.

I started taking photos like a crazy person, bemused passers by must have thought I was a lost tourist, but I just wanted to capture all that was inspiring me. Soddenly I wanted to share what I was seeing, a blog post was born ...

So here I am writing about this experience, I've shared a few of the photos I took but there are some more I want to do some work from and share them in the weeks to come. So even more posts will have been born from my little adventure

I suppose what I learnt from my mini adventure is that it only takes a small change in the context of what your working on , be it your working environment, in , the method used or the task that you are carrying out at that time - or in this case me going on an unfamiliar route whilst musing over my work, to reinvigorate you and get you back into the swing of things.

hope you're all having a great week xxx

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