Monday, 2 June 2014

From under another pile of papers! -A picture Post + my brand new todo list

Hello my lovelies,  gosh it's been a while since my last post, how time flies whilst your having fun!
The last 6 weeks have been quite busy, I've been working on a great theatre production of the play Equus by Peter Shaffer (one of my roles was making 6 rather large horse masks for the cast members), the run of the play finished last week and since then I have desperately been attempting to de-clutter my workspace (and surrounding living area for that matter I can be quite a messy worker when I want to be). Whilst I was going through yet another pile of papers stashed away on my desk I came across this rather fabulous image above. I can't really remember what project it was for and certainly don't know where it came from (if any one knows please do let me know) but I thought it had a real Frida Kahlo/ Billie Holiday feel to it and just wanted to share it with you all to brighten up your Monday.
It's not just my workspace I've been trying to tidy up, my latest projects have certainly taught me the need to a more organised time, so, although I have always been an avid list maker, I am currently attempting to make these more concise and focused. I am also trying to complete everything on one before I start another. I suppose you could call be a recovering serial to do list maker.

Here is this my attempt at a more focussed and realistic to do list for the my week ahead.;

 I'm am currently experimenting with a new hat pattern I have drafted and want to finish the first hat from it this week,  I want to update my portfolio with the theatre projects I've been working on recently and also get started doing some initial idea research for a film project I've been asked to assist on (I don't think I will ever get tired of mentioning that, I'm so excited to be working on a film!!)  Oh and lastly I wanted to get at least one blog post done which , well  um suppose I'm doing now  - which is great one task done - 3 more to go!

Anyway I will let you know on Saturday how I've got on with everything, in the mean time let me I would love to know what tricks and tips you all have on working on your own projects and how you find is the best way to organise your time. Hope you all have a great week. xxx

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