Friday, 24 May 2013

Daisy daze

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Whilst flicking through a lovely if not a bit quaint gardening book I came across this wonderful double page spread on Michaelmas daisies. I have to be honest and admit I hadn't really given them much thought before  but since  then they have been  at the back of my mind, blooming  an idea you may say!
They seem so  jolly and light in their vibrant pinks , yellows and whites some being big and bold others more delicate and girlish..

 As  I've mentioned before one of the projects I've been working on is creating silk flowers to  embellish my work, rather than using shop bought ones. Most of the designs I 've been working on have been roses, or at least inspired by a roses form but I can't stop thinking of how much fun it would be to create some of these Michaelmas daisy's in all their different varieties to embellish a hat or fascinator.,
I'm just working out the technique at the mo but as soon as I have some success I post about it again.
Hope you all manage to enjoy some sunshine this weekend xx

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