Saturday, 20 April 2013

A beautiful veil

Today I was going through some photographs I took on a recent trip to the V&A and I came across this one of a Gorgeous 1920's wedding veil.
Initially I was drawn to the delicate floral headdress, I've been making ribbon and fabric flowers for some time now but not yet ventured into creating pieces as life like and elegant as these
I really want to learn the craft of making these type of silk flowers so if any one has any books or resources they know of  I would be really grateful.
On closer inspection it wasn't just the crown of flowers that made this piece so attractive to me, it was also the beautiful floor length veil that was paired with it.
Unfortunately I couldn't get a fool length picture of it  ( it was a pretty busy day in the V&A so couldn't get far enough away from it ) but I took a couple of photos just to remind myself of the amazing craftsmanship that had gone into it.

It has definitely got me thinking about using lace in my work again, whilst I was doing my degree my final collection incorporated a fair bit of antique lace and I loved sourcing it and repurposing it my pieces, but for some reason I haven't yet  used it on my millinery work . 

It didn't take long until I was wistfully whiling away the hours  on Google image search finding other  examples of 1920's bridal outfits and veils. These  are two of my favourites I  found.

courtesy of
courtesy of 
Isn't this one just fabulous with all the ladies in lavish headwear and an abundance of flowers all around.  Looking at though the images it reminded me how much I still have to learn and aspire to with my millinery, well I'll just have to keep practicing.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend xxx

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