Monday, 4 March 2013

Mr John Pico John - An Artist among Milliners

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Today I thought I would share a little post about a milliner I have only recently come across. Mr John.    Working both for the fashion and film industry John Pico John fashioned creations for  the society ladies of his day along with creating hats for  over 1000  films, including  Gone with the Wind, and   Shanghai Express

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Learning his craft from his mother he initially worked in partnership with Frederick Hirst before launching his own brand in 1948. HIs popularity was at its peak during the 19 40's and 50's. Even after hats declined from fashion during the 1970's he kept creating hats for private clients until before his death at the grand age of 1991.
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I love the timeless beauty of Mr John's hats, they  are steeped in the eras glamour without being fussy or too elaborate.  It's also really exciting to see a Milliner of his time being credited for his on screen creations too, especially a milliner who was so prominent and prolific in his day.
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I think this is my favorite example of a Mr John hat that I have come across so far , it feels so effortless and tactile, I love the way the crepe petals forms  are used, it's not an embellishment I have seen used on any modern millinery I've come across  and may be a something to  experiment with soon.
Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little ramblings about Mr John, I've certainly enjoyed learning more about him, have a great week!   xxxx

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  1. Excellent 'Bloggs'. You have a way with words and I can see an Author being created! of course in conjunction with millinery etc.