Sunday, 24 March 2013

Book Talk- Vintage Lingerie by Jill Salen

Hi Lovelies,

Today I thought I would chat about a book that my boyfriend’s mum bought me for Christmas. Now a book on lingerie could be seen as a little bit of an odd present to request from your boyfriend’s mum I know, but me and Sue are pretty like-minded and both love sewing and creating things, so when she asked me for suggestions for Christmas presents in December I mentioned that I really wanted this book and was really pleased when she bought it for me.

Since then I must have read it cover to cover a fewtimes and am always dipping into it to look at the beautiful photographs and read about the history of the pieces featured.

It showcases a variety of examples of lingerie from 1850’s through to the 1970's with lovely crisp pictures of each item and bit of background history about them.

I've always been fascinated by historic dress and vintage clothing and there is something especially enticing about lingerie and undergarments from times gone by (does that sound a bit weird? maybe it’s from watching one too many period dramas as a young girl!)

Now I was a bit surprised when I first looked through the book as from the cover I was expecting the book to be filled with beautifully embroidered corsets and lingerie but items that were probably not particularly practical or owned by the average lady, however the book showcases a wide variety of pieces from the everyday waist cincher of the 1950's to these Tango knickers from the 1920's. I love seeing how every day women would have dressed throughout the ages and the more everyday pieces are  every bit as beautiful as the more lavish and extravagant examples.

What really drew me to the book are the patterns that come with each example featured. They are brilliantly details and give a real insight into how each item was contracted I haven't tried any out yet but there are defiantly a couple that are on my to-do list for the near future.

The book also comes with a great reference section at the back detailing many of the techniques used to construct the items shown in the book and also would be really helpful with other historic projects too.

This book has really provided me with inspiration to get going on some more costume and historic based projects. I hope you find it inspiring too.   Xxx

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