Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Getting my sights on a prize!

Well I have been doing pretty well  at maintaining my motivation over the last few weeks and doing this blog has a lot to do with that.  But as I move on with more projects over the last few weeks I  want to  ensure that this doesn’t drop off as I  find other things to talk about here and therefore  feel that I don’t need to push so hard with my own projects.Obviously the thought of having a wardrobe unique and handmade wardrobe s a big motivator  but I still think I may need a further  boost to get me even more motivated!
image from  www.vintagestylemannequins.co.uk 

For a long time I have been longing to have a dressmaking dummy. Whilst in Uni we  used the gorgeous traditional  a Kennet and Lindsell tailor's dummy like the one above  and  I have missed not having one around especially when I come up with ideas for  items that I can’t find a pattern for and don’t feel that confident with my own pattern cutting skills just to make it on the flay. Now alas as the K+ L models are custom made to a specific  measurements  and are  completely out of my budget  so I think it would be sensible to have an adjustable one.  Apart  from the expense I can only just about get away with my ever expanding collection of millinery equipment and  hatboxes I  don’t think a collection  of dressmaking dummies in a variety of  shapes and sizes would be  tolerated!

So I have promised myself that if I have completed a total of 8 more sewing projects ( not including the dress I’m working on at the moment )  by the end of November  I will  treat myself  to an adjustable dressmaking dummy as a Christmas present to myself.
image from  dressmakers-dummy.com/uk/ 
Now on a practical note I think this adjustable one  with legs would be perfect as it   means I could do shorts  leggings and trousers as well as  dress and skirts . 

Floral Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy
image from  http://sewing-online.com
However the girl in me adores the slightly more aesthetically pleasing  floral patterned one.  I suppose I should air on the side of practicality I can always make a  cover for it.  Anyway before I can get distracted by  finding the perfect one I better get back to the sewing! Xxx

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