Thursday, 9 August 2012

A new project begins!

Well I have finished my patchwork project, I am no longer calling it a quilt as it has actually turned into a cushion instead.

Halfway through the project I had a feeling that something was not working and I started being reluctant to work on it. After laying it on the floor  I realized that I didn’t actually like the fabrics I had used and they didn’t work cohesively  together as a quilt.

Determined not to  gain yet another abandoned project I realized that although it was not destined to  adorn a bed in quilt form it would make a rather  quirky cushion so using the  squares I had made I adapted the layout slightly and have now completed it. I am much happier  with the finished result of a cushion  and have  learnt  a lot in  the process.

Next time I attempt a quilt I will defiantly take more consideration  with my fabric choice and colour scheme and   will take the time to  design the overall pattern  layout of the quilt and plan it out  so I know what each square will be before I even  cut the fabric. 

Completing the patch work project has defiantly made me feel a lot more  confident about my machine sewing skills and I now am at my most comfortable  sitting at my machine so I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I have already moved on to my next project .

After rummaging in my  vintage pattern collection I have unearthed this lovely pattern from 1980 to use.  I have opted to  make up  the red dress  as I prefer the shorter sleeves and  am not too fond of patch pockets.


So after selecting this lovely fabric to make it up I ready to get started again. Wish me luck xx

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