Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My First Workspace tour

Hello everybody, gosh believe it's halfway through September already. As I moved into my new home over 6 weeks ago I thought it was about time I shared a few pictures of my new workspace.
Now it's not exactly a pinterest worthy dream workspace but it does suit my needs really well and is a comfortable creative space that I enjoy working in.
So I'm using the same furniture from our old flat, I cut down an Ikea shelving unit to fit in the alcove space. The space is in our spare room, this has made a really nice change from my last space which was in our living room. This means I can make a complete mess and not have to worry about clearing everything away once I'm finished.
I do think it's really important to have a dedicated space to work in, and one that you feel happy and creative in. For me that means keeping things around me that I love and remind me of my creative endeavours.

On my desk I have a few mementos from previous shows I've worked on and quirky gifts that friends have given me. I also have a serious post it note and felt tip pen compulsion. I find that having simple colourful matirials to jot ideas on helps me feel more creative and helps me keep track of project ideas and golas.

This is my motivation wall - it's an easy way for me to keep myself focussed on the goals I'm working on at the moment. I find it really helpful to have write what my next steps and  milestones to complete are on little post its and  track which ones I have completed.
I really want to develoup this idea and make my motivation board a bit more permanent, but I felt that it was really important to  just get it started and at the moment it is working really well for me.

One of the great things about my new workspace is that I have more space to keep all the materials and resources that I use regularly close by. The shelves really help me keep all the images and paper bits that I collect to hand whilst keeping my desk space clear and  tidy ( well tidyish anyway!!)
Also the room looks our over the back garden, it's really nice to be able to here the birds sing and have plenty of natural light in the space.
Last but not least here is a sneaky peek at a print project I'm working on at the moment- what to you think - I've been experimenting with lino cutting and am pretty pleased with the results.

Hope you are all having a great week. xx

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