Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New year + My word for 2015!

Wow, here we are already two days into the start of 2015, who would believe that it would come round so fast! I hope everyone had a great time of the festive period and feeling excited about things to come over the next 12 months.

I'm gearing up to build on the experiences I had least year working on all the theatre projects I was involved in in 2014, as well as committing myself to work on more of my own millinery designs and creative projects (as well as the usual , eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more, be more organized etc ...)

A few weeks ago I read this post by Michelle Ward on her fab blog at whenigrownupcoach. I’m a big fan  of Michelle’s work and always find her posts and the stories she shares of creative entrepreneurs really inspiring. On the post she discussed what her chosen word for 2015 was and this lead me to pondering what mine would be.

At the beginning of 2014 I read Michelle’s previous post for the word of that year and chose Purposeful to be my word of 2014. In choosing this word I was aiming to embark on each project with intent and full focus, I was yearning to move away from the feeling of doing things just for the sake of it and putting the scary bigger things off because I didn't feel ready for them or that the time wasn't right.

With this mentality I  accomplished a lot, and looking back over the last 12 months has made me feel pretty proud of myself. 

From taking on the role of costume lead in a production of Taming of the Shrew over the summer, going part time in my office job so I could commit to doing more costume and millinery projects and taking on my first lot of paid work in a professional millinery workroom I've taken some pretty big steps towards having a creative career. To be honest it has been pretty tough at times and there has been plenty of moments where I have really questioned whether it would work out, but with my new purposeful mindset I could push through these doubts and give it my all. 

So moving on to 2015 I wanted to give myself a new word for the year, and after a bit of deliberating I decided on the word Present.


  At times, recently, I have been feeling like I haven't been focusing enough on the here and now, worrying too much about whether or not my current endeavors will work out rather than enjoying the creative process. I want too move away from focusing on what the next opportunity will be and be more present to appreciate the ones I have at the moment. I want to be more consciously present when interacting with others and enjoy my time with them as it happens, I want to be more present when I am working so I can recognize my achievements and learn from my challenges as I progress through them.

My hope in doing this is that I will appreciate the life I have now in the present more than what will happen tomorrow. After thinking about this for a while it reminded me of a saying we had been taught in school:

I can't wait to see where my word for the year takes me during 2015, what's everyone else intentions and hopes for the year ahead?  Has anyone else picked a word or theme to focus on over 2015, Happy New Year and here's to a super 2015 whatever your working towards xxx

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