Monday, 18 February 2013

Margo's new hat!

Just thought I’d share this  photo of  Margo, my poupee,  sporting a project that I’m currently working  on.

Now  I know it may look like I  am creating a fabulous paper hat  but  I’m actually making my very own hat block!

A while back I promised that I would make my friend a hat, I’d shown her this hat that I had made with a lovely upturned brim the only problem was I didn’t have the brim block to make it again.  For ages I was pondering  how get round this ,until one morning I just woke up and had a eureka moment.

 I covered the original hat with one layer of clingfilm  and then two layers of masking tape  to take  a mould of the shape and am now  building up the layers with paper mache to strengthen it. It’s a total experiment and I have no idea how it will turn out but  I’m really excited to  see if it will  work.  I’ll  let you know  how it goes

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